A trip down memory lane…

I reread your letters. They dripped with honey but also had a little stabbing. The letters you had written, came after “your greatest mistake”. It was that night she kissed you. I hate to think about it. I become light headed and dizzy at the thought. But in order for me to move on, I […]


Gleefully I hear, the sound of your voice entering my ear. ┬áNo better remedy, than being reminded of my sweet serenity. Dreaming and fantasizing, are what my days are composed of for the time being. You now realize that my presence is needed, and that without me, you have not succeeded. Regrettably we are now […]

Day 11

You have been gone for eleven days these have been some of the hardest days I’ve yet to ever experience. I knew this would be hard. I cried myself to sleep countless nights. And I told you this. But you still decided to go. You wanted this experience. And that’s commendable. But now, you call […]